Who Is Responsible For Your Data Breaches?

Is there one person within the company who is responsible for all of the data breaches? Is there a rat in the system that is causing you to lose customer trust, tarnish your company’s reputation, and deflate your bottom line? One guy who you can have arrested and all of your troubles will go away.

The Answer is No.

data breach

Data breaches come from a wide variety of sources, some internal and some external and they are hard to track and even harder to predict. But keep in mind that:

  • 69% of business officials reported that on site employees are more likely to be the cause of data breaches than off site workers.
  • It is also assumed that workers with access to the most sensitive data are the ones responsible for its loss, but in reality these types of workers are the ones more aware of the dangers and are the most careful with the data.

Then who is responsible?

The answer is no one. The fact is that most “inside jobs” are a result of lack of training; users just not knowing what they are doing and making errors resulting in data breaches. In many ways the person responsible is those responsible for training. Having a staff that knows the signs of internet attacks and can avoid error is one of the best ways to limit data breaches in the company.

Ready to avoid the most common user errors that can threaten your livelihood?  Our IT professionals are here to help!  We’ll work with you and your employees to promote and educate them on the best practices to stay safe while online.

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