Technology Advisors

Make us your virtual CIO to plan effectively for your technological needs.

Good businesses grow, expanding the size and scope of their operation, which in turn requires further resources to support expansion. This includes your IT infrastructure, as the more employees you have and the more clients you serve, the larger and more capable your system will need to be. Take advantage of our virtual CIO technology advisory services to make sure that you keep your technological capability in line with the scope of your business as it develops and changes.

  • Consultation on Key Business Decisions

To ensure that your business’ reach doesn’t exceed its grasp, we will support you in analyzing business decisions that could affect your IT infrastructure, including its opportunities, risks and shortfalls.

  • Regular Business Review Meetings

We will maintain an open line of communication with you to stay up to date on the state of existing networks and capital cost planning and budgeting, eventually building to an optimal five-year technology cycle. This will further ensure that your IT infrastructure is always prepared to support your business’ needs.

  • Virtual CIO Representation

When your CEO makes a decision as to where the company is headed next and your CFO determines the financial feasibility of that direction, we want to help you be sure that your IT systems can support you when you get there. As your virtual Chief Information Officer, we will maintain the current IT infrastructure and prepare it for the future of your business.

Get the right information on how to prepare your business’ IT systems for the next big development! To learn about our Technology Advisory services, contact Bralin Technology Solutions at (306) 445-4881 or (306) 825-3881 or today.

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