Brad Kowerchuk

North Battleford Computer Expert

I hate writing “marketing” messages about as much as you hate reading them… so instead I hope to simply convey the passion we have to serve people.

We’ve been doing it a long time, in fact, since 1994. Yet, I can honestly say that the team we have today is the most passionate and dedicated that I’ve ever seen. Along with that, our client base today is larger, more diverse and stronger than ever. When I think of the success that we’ve achieved, I am always reminded of the impact of the core values that guide us here at Bralin:

  • CARING: We care about each member of our team and each customer we serve.
  • EXCELLENCE: Our team is the best at what we do.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We “own” the impact we have on others.
  • TRUST: We do what we say.

None of us is perfect, but the above values continue to guide us, during good times and challenging times. To me, that is what sets us apart; that is what makes us great.

Perhaps you’ve seen our slogan, “We manage your technology, so that you can manage your business”. I want you to know that to me this statement is far more than a slogan. It guides the decisions we make day in and day out, and when clients allow us to fully manage their technology, their businesses move forward, further, faster.

  • That is what gets me fired up.
  • That is how we make a difference.
  • That is why we exist.

For those I’ve met, I hope to see you again soon. For those I’ve not yet met, I hope our paths cross in the near future. I wish you continued success in business and in life!
With gratitude,
Brad Kowerchuk, CEO

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