Cloud Computing & Cloud Services

Modernize your business by taking advantage of the Cloud!

While still a relatively new feature of networked computing, the Cloud is quickly becoming a facet of any successful small business operation. Given its novelty, it may seem impulsive or even dangerous to entrust your sensitive data to the Cloud, but if configured correctly and with the proper security, this service can help your company in many ways.

  • More Accessibility, Remote Collaboration and Convenience.

By storing your data in a remote system accessible by any authorized user, whether at a home workstation or on mobile devices, you and your employees are no longer limited to the local system at the office. Projects and files can be accessed and worked on remotely by anyone you authorize for access, making it easier for your company to get work done.

  • Reduced Costs.

Effective and flexible pricing means you only pay for as many authorized users as you deem necessary. Furthermore, the use of remote servers to store your data means less operating expenses in maintaining and powering local systems.

  • Back-up Capability in Case of Emergency.

By its very nature, the Cloud keeps a regularly updated backup of all your information, constituting a failsafe option in case of any disaster on your work premises. Whether its a fire or a flood, the Cloud keeps your valuable data safe off-site.

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