What Questions Must a CEO Ask When Thinking About Cloud Computing?

The cloud is all the rage today when it comes to business technology.

A lot of IT professionals rave about how useful or innovative the cloud is, and how it’s the future of technology, but they’re missing one important point that matters most of all:

Questions About The CloudWhat can cloud actually DO for your business?

If you’re thinking about adopting cloud technology for your business, you need to actually understand what benefits you’ll get from the cloud and whether or not the cloud is right for your needs. The truth is that the cloud is just another tool – maybe it’s right for you, and maybe it isn’t. Start finding out by asking yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Do I or my employees need to work outside the office?

One of the biggest strengths of cloud computing is its accessibility – it’s easy to connect to your cloud data in the office, at home, or out on the go. Is this a strength that matters to you? If you never work outside the office, this won’t necessarily matter at all.

  1. Is your budget better suited to operating expenses rather than capital expenses? Do you prefer monthly fees or upfront purchases?

Cloud services are typically provided at flat-rate monthly fees instead of upfront purchases. Instead of outright buying a piece of software, you instead pay your monthly fee to access the software from the cloud. This can make budgeting more predictable, but it also means you don’t actually own the service.

  1. What kind of Internet connection do you have?

Using the cloud requires reliable and constant access to the Internet. In some areas, that isn’t a problem at all. In other places, it can be tricky. Before you jump into the cloud, make sure your connection can support constant access.

  1. What kind of regulations must you comply with?

Many industries have data storage regulations (such as HIPAA or PCI) that have very strict guidelines about using cloud storage. Find out what regulations you face and what they say about the security requirements for cloud storage, and make sure your cloud provider can meet those requirements.

  1. Do my applications even work in the cloud?

No matter how many advantages the cloud may offer, if your mission-critical applications don’t run in the cloud, don’t perform well, aren’t supported, or require expensive upgrades, the cloud might not even be an option.

Ultimately, there are a lot of benefits to be had by turning to cloud computing. It makes mobility easy, it helps with IT budgeting, and can allow small businesses easier access to business-class services they might not be able to otherwise afford. But that doesn’t mean you should just jump into the cloud. You need to find the RIGHT cloud services for YOUR needs.

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