Employee Spotlight – Warren Williams

IT Services in North BattlefordWarren has been an important part of the Bralin Technology Solutions team since December of 2006. His favorite thing about working at Bralin is engaging with clients in order to help them solve problems, and meeting with them face-to-face in order to provide the best possible customer service experience. That hands-on and practical approach to technology is part of what makes his truck – a Dodge Ram 1500 – the piece of technology Warren wouldn’t want to have to go without.

When he has a little downtime, Warren loves to play golf. If given a chance to spend a weekend doing absolutely anything that he wanted Warren would take the opportunity to golf at Pebble Beach with his buddies – and treat his wife and son to a day at the beach, of course. Warren also considers himself to be a “serious couch potato” and enjoys taking some quiet time to read as often as possible. His favorite book is Atlas Shrugged.

On the topic of ‘what ifs,’ if he were to win a million dollars Warren would like to think his life wouldn’t change all that much. He would use some of the money to travel with his family a little more and become a bit more philanthropic, but he’d likely put the majority away for a rainy day. If he could sit down and have a conversation with any historical figure, past or present, Warren would love to share a meal with Jesus, although he’s certain that if he were able to speak to Jesus person-to-person, he would likely be in too much awe to speak very much. That meal would probably include a nice steak served medium rare, as that happens to be Warren’s favorite food.

For one last ‘what if,’ Warren would choose to travel to Germany and Poland if he could visit anywhere in the world. His mother was born in Poland near the German border and immigrated to Canada in 1948 when she was nine years old. There is so much historical significance tied to that region in that period that a trip to these places would be quite memorable.

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