Time For Microsoft Office 2016?

Are You Sure That You’re Getting The Most Out Of Microsoft 2016?

Last month, Microsoft released their latest version of the now 25-year-old Office application suite with Office 2016. The new features offer exciting advances for collaboration, making it easier for users to work together.

Microsoft Office 2016

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Novelty Features For Every User.

  • “Tell Me What You Want To Do”, a search bar in each app that allows the user to search through the app’s functions from a single point.
  • “Smart Look Up” which uses Bing to web search a term within the context of the article as a whole for more specific results.
  • Clutter, a new Outlook function that groups low-priority emails and provides a summary of them to help clean up your inbox.
  • Sway, a new online app, takes your basic, raw information and develops an exciting presentation by generating a layout that fits your content and criteria.

What Can It Do For Your Office?

Office Management will appreciate Microsoft Office’s focus on collaboration, with new features that make it easier for your employees to work together, and for you to keep track of their progress.

  • Real time editing for coauthored papers: instead of having to save changes and then refresh the document to see them, edits now appear as they happen.
  • An improved interface features a simple Share button in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • New online apps: Planner, which allows users to create tasks, set deadlines, track task completion, assign them to different people, and get an overall view of how each group is doing; and Delve, which allows managers, supervisors and team leaders to monitor progress on group documents, via Office Graph.
  • Outlook now features a menu that lists recently attached files, and automatically converts documents in Sharepoint and OneDrive to links, for greater efficiency and use of virtual space.

Accountants and other members of the financial industry can do more with the new Excel’s expanded features, and benefit from new Data Loss Protection features that were previously limited to Outlook.

Office 2016’s Excel includes:

  • Six new chart types for greater variety in use, including Treemap, Sunburst, Waterfall, Histogram, Pareto, and Box and Whisker.
  • One-click forecasting has been expanded beyond non-linear to exponential smoothing, allowing accountants to do more with just Excel.
  • Publishing reports is made that much easier for authors with one-click publishing though Power BI.
  • New Data Loss Protection measures are now included in Excel to keep your data safe, via real time scans of content based on a set of predefined policies for the most common sensitive data types.
  • Power Query for data gathering, and the popular Power View for interactive reporting are now fully and automatically incorporated, making it easier to analyze, share and visual the data aggregated in Excel.

Microsoft office 2016 has so much to offer your business, but only if you know how to take advantage of its new features!

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