Three Fun Tips to Enhance Your Microsoft Word Experience!

Microsoft Word TipsSo you think your know your way around Microsoft Word? Chances are, anyone who has used a computer knows something about Microsoft Word. Recently, Microsoft Word has been met with cloud-based-competition, but that has not stopped the famous word processor. Microsoft has even joined the cloud action with Office 365.

Microsoft Word is the most popular and widely used word processor today, and for good reason. Word is dependable, customizable, and is built with great user functionality and accessibility.

Here are some awesome tips that will help you get even more out of this amazing word processor:

  1. Word Can Tell You How Good Your Writing Is

By navigating to Options > Proofing a new window will appear. Make sure “Check Grammar with Spelling” and “Show Readability Statistics” boxes are checked.  On a Mac you can reach this window by navigating to Word > Preferences > Spelling & Grammar. Now, whenever you check spelling on a particular highlighted text, a pop-up box will also show you scored for readability. This will ensure you are producing the best documents possible!

  1. Add a Calculator to Word

For all those out there that multi-task their writing documents with their mathematic calculations, this tip is for you! Get rid of that calculator and hop back on to Word. On a PC go to File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar and switch to All Commands and click on Calculate Command to add the Quick Access Toolbar. After you save, you will see a grey circle at the top of your Word window. Now, simply highlight the equation you typed into Word and click on the circle. The answer to your calculation will appear at the bottom of your window. This does not seem to be available on Mac

  1. Highlight an Entire Sentence in One Click

Forget clicking and dragging. If your goal is to highlight an entire sentence, try this tip out! Hold down the CTRL key and click on any word in the sentence. This will highlight the entire sentence. For Mac users, hold down the Command key.

There are endless tips to enhance your Microsoft Word experience, you know if you don’t already love the program as it is!  Try these three tips out and play around with other tools to find what speaks to you the most.

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