There’s No Reason Not to Lease Your IT Solution

Does any business really want to deal with their own IT equipment?

leasing IT Equipment

Let’s start with the most superficial of drawbacks: your employees were perhaps already cramped into too small an office, and now you’ve got a bunch of big equipment taking up what little room you do have.

And then there’s the money factor to consider (could there possibly be a more important factor in the world of business?). It’ll cost you thousands of dollars, more likely tens of thousands, to set up your own IT infrastructure.

The expenses don’t end there: it takes a lot of power to keep all that equipment running… if you didn’t know that by now, you’ll figure it out soon enough when you get your next electricity bill.

Another expense to consider is the ongoing maintenance it’ll take to fix all the technical issues you’re sure to eventually encounter.  You don’t know much about IT, so you’re going to have to hire professional help to manage your equipment, and professional help isn’t cheap.

Have No Fear, the Cloud Is Here

The nightmare of being dealing with your own expensive IT equipment that you don’t even understand is no longer necessary.

That’s because we live in the wonderful world of cloud computing. It’s a great time to be alive, my friends.

Just a few years ago you had no choice but to set up your own network and manage your own equipment. But now, with the cloud, you have a better, more affordable option.

Paying a flat rate for remote access to someone else’s server (that’s how the cloud works) allows you to get rid of the upfront, electricity, and maintenance costs that you had to put up with previously with your own in-house equipment. Now those expenses are someone else’s problem.

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