The New Reality of Email Etiquette Sign-Off

Almost all our correspondence is digital these day as everyone well knows.

Email Signoff

The influence of how people message each other affects our approach in how we communicate. One current issue about email etiquette concerns how we should conclude or sign-off on our email correspondence. What’s the right way to end an email?

Some folks from older generations are still influenced by the more dated salutations that were in use when people still had to put pen and scribble on paper. Our more outdated email users are more likely to end their correspondence with endings such as “Regards”, “Warmest Regards” or “Yours Truly”.

Really though, these forms of salutations are largely defunct and out of date with the times.

More commonly, there are many who now end their emails with sign offs that are either too fulsome or just plain meaningless. Currently, you will often see email sign-offs using “Thanks”, “Sincerely”, or a scant few that use the British sign-off “Cheers.”

But, using these forms of sign-offs can put some of your readers off. Using “Thanks” should only be used if have reason to actually say thank- you. This form of sign-off is better placed within the main body of the correspondence, and should never be used if the salutation has no bearing on the context of the email.

The sign-off “Sincerely” should best be used with people you are very familiar, and most certainly never in business emails as it sounds somewhat phony because it lacks real sincerity. Lose it!

And, if you’re not British, then please don’t use “Cheers” as it might appear somewhat snobbish, and does not evoke a sense of cheer. And, hopefully, none of you ever use “Cheerio.”

The most popular and least offensive of email sign-offs in use today is “Best” because it’s relatively neutral. Its use dates back to the day of letter writing when people concluded their correspondence with “Best Wishes.”

In itself, “Best” is the least likely to draw the ire of your reader, but in reality, you should skip using this one. Doesn’t leave much left does it – so how should you conclude your emails?

What’s the Best Way to Sign Off an Email?

The answer to that is simple – don’t put anything at all and just leave it blank! Using an email sign-off isn’t a part of how we converse anyway, so it’s not really necessary or even relevant anymore. In today’s digital email reality and the informal manner in how we text, and use office chat software, the email sign-off has become dated. The reality is that it should hopefully soon become extinct from use altogether. It’s time to move on!

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