Sextortion Email Scam – Don’t Be Duped!

Sextortion Scam emails have been making the rounds. Sounds scary right? What are they?

Here is how it works:
• A popular website (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) gets hacked and user names and passwords are compromised
• Your info was part of the hack – and perhaps you dealt with it long ago upon being prompted by the website to change your password immediately
• A scammer likely obtains the stolen credentials / passwords on the dark web (yes, the black market of the internet)
• The scammer then emails you (perhaps months or years later) and says something like “I’m aware that [Ex@mP1E] is your password and I have a lot of information about you and I have video of you from your webcam and I’ve tracked all the porn sites you have visited and I know all your contacts. Pay me money or all your dirty laundry will be sent to all your contacts”

• You think (hopefully), “My webcam videos are going to be pretty boring” and “I don’t have anything to hide about the websites I visit”… but I’m kind of freaked out because how do they know that password?!?
• You are tempted to click follow the links/instructions in email and see what you can learn…….

What should you do?
• Ignore the email – it is a known scam. Don’t respond, don’t click any links, delete it ❌
• Change your password. If you are still using the password the scammer knows…change it immediately everywhere it is used!
• Use a password manager. A password manager will generate complex passwords for you, and help you keep track of them.
• Monitor the dark web for your leaked credentials. Ask Bralin for help to do this.
• If you do a lot of weird things with your webcam and/or go to risky sites… don’t use your work computer for these types of things.
• Don’t react out of fear. Don’t pay. Pay close attention to the details in the emails. Watch for bad grammar and spelling errors. This all points to a scammer. Don’t assume that a breached password means you are currently compromised.
• If you have further concerns or questions about the security of your business network – please give us a call here at Bralin Technology Solutions (306.445.4881)
• If you enjoyed this blog post and would be interested in a handy dandy “webcam cover” for future use, you know…to prevent Hackers from seeing how you dance in your office when your favourite song comes on the radio, and you think no one is looking…please email with the subject line “Web Cam Cover” and we’ll send you one (within Alberta/Saskatchewan Canada).

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