Physical Mail Phishing 

We’ve all heard of phishing emails. You receive an email that appears legitimate, enticing you to click a link or go to a website that also appears legitimate. There you are asked for information, and you are made to feel that you should legitimately share or enter that information. From there, cyber-criminals steal your password or other information – to take advantage of you.  

The same can happen with physical snail-mail.  

Criminals who are phishing understand that many people have a limited understanding of certain aspects of IT and technology. They use that to confuse us. We may end up doing things we otherwise would not do, and the criminals take advantage of that.  

Read on to learn how – or watch our our Physical Phishing Video.

For example, be on the lookout for deceptive letters telling you to send your credit card number to renew your Company’s domain (your website address and email address, “”).  We get them from a “company” that calls itself the Domain Registry. The letter looks like an invoice from an official government agency (it even has a maple leaf on it). The letter works to create panic by using urgent language. 
“Failure to renew may result in the loss of online identity!”  
“Do it today!”  
“Act now!”   
This language makes you believe that if you fail to comply you will lose your website and email access.  

Domain Name Expiration Notice

The Domain Registry legitimately knows the expiry date of your domain. They can find this because the expiration date of your domain is available publicly. They search through this public information and try to use it to their advantage (to trick you). They do not manage your domain. They just hope you will transfer control of your domain to them AND send them your credit card number. From there, and they will take your money, they may renew your domain, and they could defraud you of money in the future.  

When you receive this letter, or others like it, it does not mean that the Domain Registry is currently controlling your domain. But who is? Who manages the fact that you own a name on the internet? If you are unsure, you should check with your website provider or Bralin Technology Solutions. If you are a managed service client of Bralin Technology Solutions, we generally manage your domain for you. So please ask us before renewing your domain. We will help to make sure you don’t lose it or your money. 

What should you do with the deceptive letter from the Domain Registry?  

First: do not respond to it.  

Second: here is a great YouTube tutorial for Paper Airplanes.  

Third: when you are done playing with your paper airplane, we suggest you shred and recycle it. 😁 

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