5 Ways to Make Your National Pizza Day Celebration Memorable

Some Twists on Traditional Pizza Day Celebrations to Make the Event Memorable and Meaningful

pizza dayPizza Day is happening on February 9. Most businesses already know how to celebrate — have an in-house pizza party during the lunch hour in support of the spirit of the day. Many offices also opt to visit a local pizzeria after their business day has come to a close instead, often inviting the spouses and families of their employees along for fun. Fortunately, most cities and towns have ample delivery and dining options for pizza lovers. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with breaking tradition to create a more memorable Pizza Day experience. Here are five ways that you can stray from the beaten pizza path this February 9 and have a Pizza Day celebration that everyone will remember for years to come.

Have a Pizza Making Party

Instead of having pizza delivered to your office break room, have a pizza making party instead. Furnish the necessary ingredients, and let your employees get creative in the kitchen. If you’ve got a large staff, you add to the fun by having contests for various categories of pizza and awarding prizes. Be sure to take plenty of photographs for posterity.

Play Pizza Trivia

You can easily find pizza trivia resources online to use in custom-crafting your own game if you’re enjoying this Pizza Day in the company break room. If you’re going out, many pizzerias host trivia events on special occasions, so call ahead to see what’s available in your area.

Have a Virtual Pizza Party

Today’s technology means that many people no longer work in traditional office environments. As working from home becomes increasingly common, traditional workplace socializing opportunities are falling by the wayside. Having a virtual pizza party helps everyone feel connected as a part of a greater whole. Consider having pizzas sent to those working from home or while on the road on business and connecting via Skype

Host a Pizza Party At a Senior Citizens Home

National Pizza Day provides an ideal opportunity to double the fun by sharing the celebration with those at your local senior citizens’ home. They’ll love the company as well as the food, and you and your staff will have the chance to spend time with some fascinating people who possess sufficient life experience. If there isn’t a senior citizens’ home near you, consider contacting your local ‘Meals on Wheels’ program and offering to supply pizza for that day’s recipients — they’ll consider it a welcome surprise, and your business will earn community goodwill.

Sponsor a Shelter Pizza Parlor for Homeless Children

Living in a shelter is a bleak, unhappy existence, especially for children. You and your staff can make at least a small difference by sharing National Pizza Day with the children at your local homeless shelter. You can make it even more special including games, a tasty dessert, and small gifts of toys.

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