HTG Peer Groups

An IT community of IT Business Leaders, HTG Peer Groups spent from February 1st to 5th at the beautiful Pointe Hilton Squaw Peaks, where CEO Brad Kowerchuck and CFO Linda Kowerchuck attended on behalf of Bralin Technologies.

HTG Peer Groups

Leaders come together for these quarterly meetings and act as a board of advisors for one another. This is an opportunity for around a dozen leaders to come together and spend a few days digging deep into each other’s businesses, creating powerful insights, and this latest meeting produced just that.

A common issue for these leaders is the softening economy, particularly in oil-producing areas. Discussions also touched on the ever-present people challenges that exist, including how to hire the right people, and how to approach growing leaders from within the company. The overall mood of the event was positive and companies are looking closely at more innovative and creative ways to grow their businesses in 2016.

Bralin Technologies is thankful to be involved with the HTG Peer Groups and values the deep relationships we have formed as a result, as well as the benefit of the wisdom that other participants gladly share.

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