How Do We Help Your Law Firm With Awesome IT Support Services?

Lawyers aren’t usually associated with cutting edge technology.

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When most people think of lawyers they think of the low-tech images movies and TV have filled our heads with: thick legal volumes, pads and pens, suits that wouldn’t look out of place in the 50s, the judge’s robes that wouldn’t look out of place in Ancient Greece, the stenographer’s typewriter, and an old-fashioned courtroom where there isn’t a screen to be seen.

But, as is often the case with stereotypes, the public perception doesn’t really match up to reality.

Working with the law is an incredibly complicated task, and lawyers are often more in tune with the latest technology than other professionals simply because they need all the help they can get.

Bralin Technology Solutions has a lot of experience working in the legal vertical. We know exactly what lawyers need to get out of their IT support.

We Will Secure Your Network

Maintaining attorney-client privilege is a high priority for all lawyers.

The active online threat landscape puts that confidentially at risk: over 300 million new pieces of malware were created in 2014 alone. Thousands of law firms are attacked every year.

It addition to losing the trust of your clients, you’ll also find that a cyberattack is incredibly costly. It’s going to run you an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from data loss resulting from a cyberattack, and thousands of files are usually compromised in a single attack.

We know how to secure your network and keep out unauthorized access.

We Will Support Your Apps

Popular apps used by many law firms include:

  • PCLaw
  • Pro Law
  • Juris
  • Clio
  • Timeslip
  • Amicus
  • Abacus
  • Tabs3 / Practice Master

It takes a lot of time to train an entire firm how to use the same apps. And if you’re having a problem with a particular app that no one in the office can seem to figure out, where will you turn to for support?

Bralin Technology Solutions is here to help.

Contact us at (306) 445-4881 or (306) 825-3881 or for more information about our services for law firms.

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