Happy World Backup Day Everyone!

World Back-Up Day Has Professionals Thinking Twice about Business Continuity in the Age of Tech

Tech experts urging local businesses to avoid disaster by getting data backed-up.

World Backup Day

Everyone has heard the horror story at least once. Maybe from a friend or family member or business associate. Some sort of tech disaster hit their computer, tablet or phone and since they didn’t have its contents backed-up, they lost everything. While losing photos and emails can be devastating on a personal level, losing business data can cause damage that is downright debilitating.

The statistics don’t lie. For business owners, recovering from unexpected data loss is no walk in the park. Home Computing Magazine found that 60% of companies that lose their data will be out of business within six months of the disaster. More specifically, The Strategic Research Institute found that if a company is unable to resume operations within ten days of the data disaster, they’re unlikely to survive. With World Back-Up Day falling on March 31st, Bralin Technology Solutions is taking the opportunity to remind local business professionals just how important a business continuity plan is.

Business continuity may sound like a time-consuming or overwhelming process, but it’s as simple as ensuring critical business data is backed-up and knowing how to restore it efficiently and effectively in the face of a chaotic disaster. Because cyber criminals are getting increasingly savvy, even companies who have anti-virus protections in place could be subject to unexpected data theft. While the disasters themselves may be hard to predict, preventing the devastating impacts doesn’t have to be difficult. Setting up a comprehensive business continuity plan can make all the difference in rebounding from disasters.

Backing up data can be done in a few different ways and the preferred method will vary depending on each business’ needs. Leading back-up methods include:

  • Hardware like USBs or external hard drives
  • Scalable, cloud-based storage solutions
  • Fully-managed hosted back-up through an IT provider

But business continuity isn’t as simple as just backing up once and carrying on. Automatic daily back-ups should be set up to ensure all new business data is seamlessly backed-up on the go. Furthermore, regular testing of back-ups is absolutely critical to ensuring that the strategies a business puts in place are effective and easy to implement in case of disaster. Finally, an effective and proactive business continuity plan will include detailed instructions on how to efficiently restore backed-up data if and when necessary.

Bralin Technology Solutions has long been helping businesses across North Battleford & Lloydminster develop business continuity plans that are reliable and easy to implement. Their entire firm operates in hopes of making business continuity a fundamental part of every client’s tech strategy. A fast moving and constantly developing business environment calls for a proactive approach to security and continuity. When 93% of businesses file for bankruptcy within ten days of stalled restoration, investing thought, time and resources into business continuity is a no-brainer.

For full details on World Back-Up Day please visit: www.worldbackupday.com/en/.

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