Facebook at Work

Facebook at Work: An Exciting Social Network for Business to be Released Soon!

Because a More Connected Workplace is a More Productive Workplace…


For more than 11 years now, Facebook has given over 3 billion people from all walks of life the means to share their personal lives, and connect with others, with no more than a few simple keystrokes and a click of a mouse. That’s nearly half the world’s population using this media and communications platform – many of whom are using it on a daily basis. It is hands down the world’s largest media and communications platform out there today. Now Facebook has decided to leverage that fame in the business world with their upcoming release of Facebook at Work.

Facebook at Work isn’t just another one of their everyday apps and services. This latest move by Facebook puts them in a whole new arena altogether, enterprise. As of right now, more than 300 companies are testing the beta product to provide helpful feedback before the product goes live.

Facebook at Work will be free, at least at first.

Facebook’s social network for business will be offered to companies free of charge. However, Facebook does intend to charge for additional support down the road for analytics and integration with other collaboration tools such as:

  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft Office 365

No training necessary

Facebook has indicated that they will be hiring additional account managers and specialists when and if necessary, but their goal is to offer software that will require little- to- no consultants to both deploy and use the software successfully. And considering that nearly half the population is using Facebook already (at least in some capacity), the need for training will be virtually non-existent as most people already have at the very least a general knowledge of how to use it.

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