Employee Spotlight – Shirley Stynsky

Computer Services Shirley Stynsky has been with Bralin Technology Solutions for the past ten years. Her favourite part of working at Bralin is her coworkers. The entire team is made up of individuals who genuinely care about the clients, and want to make a difference. As for the technology that makes a difference in her own life, the one item Shirley couldn’t do without is her smartphone. It’s what keeps her connected to the office and her team.

If given the chance to have a conversation with a historical figure, Shirley would love to be able to sit down with Mother Theresa. Her kindness and her belief that by judging others you miss out on a chance to know them is something Shirley finds inspiring. With that in mind, if she were to win a million dollars she would use the money to take her family on vacation, and then would join an Evangelist missionary team in order to help as many people as she can.

With an entire week at her disposal to do absolutely anything she wanted, Shirley would choose to travel to Israel to see the historic sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jordon. She would also love to visit Italy, and spend time in Rome, Naples, and Genoa.

In her spare time, Shirley enjoys doing volunteer work for her church and community, as well as reading and studying the Bible. During the summer, she loves to spend time at her family’s lakeside seasonal site and in their boat out on the water.

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