Employee Spotlight – Mahidhar Venna

Mahidhar Venna — better known as Mahi — has been with the Bralin Technology Solutions team for just over a year and a half, and we’re grateful to have him. Mahi’s favourite part of working at Bralin is the atmosphere, which he describes as “sensible, friendly and fun” – he appreciates that he actually likes going to work each morning.

“What ifs” are a great way to learn more about people, so let’s look at a few of those. If Mahi could meet any historical figure, it’d be Albert Einstein, because Mahi would want to really understand the way he thinks. If he won a million dollars, he’d be sensible and generous with it, investing in his career, giving some to his family, and the rest to charities and environmental organizations. Lastly, if he could travel anywhere in the world, it’d be all the way down south, to Antarctica.

Mahi’s favourite books are the Harry Potter series, his favourite food is Chicken Biriyani, and in his free time, he enjoys watching movies and surfing the internet – in fact, he considers Google’s search engine to be the piece of technology that really makes his life easier.

That said, if Mahi had a whole weekend completely free to do whatever he wanted, you wouldn’t find him at home eating chicken and watching movies – he’d be out, wandering around shopping markets and food courts, doing a lot of eating, drinking and shopping.

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