Do Not Perform Email Migrations In-House

Outsouring will always be cheaper, faster and more efficient than you initially think, because as soon as you relinquish control to a vetted professional with more experience than you, things just get done more quickly. Email migration is a technically intensive process with plenty of repetitive work to keep your in-house strategists frustrated and working late. Why not get this done without taking on the stress or losing money?

Email Migrations

Email Migration Is Tougher Than It Sounds

Although migration sounds simple, it is not, especially if you are moving between platforms that compete with each other. If you are moving between a PC and Mac hardware base, or moving from hardware into the cloud, forget about it. You need professional help.

Proper email migration also means an accurate dump of your contacts and all of their information. You have worked on these clients for weeks, months, years. Can you really afford to misplace an address for a five- or six-digit order? What about the client who insists on communicating with you before placing every order? You will lose these clients if your migration goes badly.

Advertising Your Professionalism

Many companies actually use a third-party migration partner as leverage to build relationships with clients. Savvy companies will send out an email to important clients letting them know that the migration is taking place and the respected company they are partnering with. The association with a professional company with a reputation for solid work will rub off on the client company as well.

Moving Into the Cloud

With many companies moving into the cloud, there can be huge losses of information with DIY jobs. Even the major platforms such as Office 365 or Google Apps for Work have reported problems integrating with older email systems. If you are not currently on a major platform for your email, or you are moving from a free email account into a scaled, professional solution, you need to ensure that all of your information makes it into the new platform. This is much easier to do when you are directing an MSP with knowledge of how to translate your wishes technically.

The Advantage of the MSP

Let the technical experts handle the technical aspects of an email migration. You know what you want, but there is someone else who understands how to make the machines understand your needs. Relieve yourself and your employees of the need to focus on something that is outside of the core values of your company. The core value of your MSP is technical proficiency; you don’t to reinvent the wheel, especially when your digital Rolodex is on the line.

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