Bralin Offers Information and Insight to Lakeland College Business Students

On November 18th, Bralin’s Director of Operations Jeremy Reynoldson and Account Manager Paul Melrose-Wyatt were invited by Ben Acquaye, Chair of the Business College, to speak to the Lakeland E-Commerce class regarding our business, our services, and the things that business students need to keep in mind with regards to technology.

Jeremy and Paul enjoyed a very interactive presentation with students, discussing the value their data offers as they run a business, and the different levels of technology that they need to be aware of in order to succeed. Another point of discussion was the need for them as business owners to put an emphasis on the aspects of technology that will help them grow their business, and the importance of having the right support for all of the behind the scenes ‘technical stuff’ that drives their business value.

An example they gave of this is that, as a business owner, you will need to be an expert on how your accounting software works, and how best to utilize it to suit your business’ needs. However, you will also need someone to make sure that the server on which your software is running is stable, secure, accessible, and recoverable in any possible scenario. Security best practices were also touched on, and both Jeremy and Paul had some great tips and reminders to offer to the students in the audience.

Ben Acquaye reached out to Jeremy afterwards, and had this to say about the event: “On behalf of my E-Commerce BA 250 Class, thank you and Paul for coming in to speak with us. You were informed and offered useful detail about crucial elements of IT for modern businesses. You spoke clearly and used clear examples to support your comments.”

Jeremy and Paul were excited to receive some Lakeland coffee mugs as a thank you for taking the time to give this presentation. They both had an amazing time, and are grateful to have had this opportunity.

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